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          You belong here. TDChristian High School is a caring, innovative, and Christian community of learners. We attract students from across the region and around the world. We pride ourselves in being a high school for the entire family. Our passionate teachers and staff go out of their way to ensure students are enfolded, engaged, and empowered, both inside and outside of the classroom as we help them "learn for service in the light of God's word." 


          The Pulse

          The PULSE is our school television show, created for and about the students of TDChristian High School by a class of grade 9, 11, and 12 students. Watch it to see what's happening in and around the school. Here's our latest episode from May 2022.

          Contact us...

          TDChristian High School

          377 Woodbridge Avenue

          Woodbridge, ON

          L4L 2V7?

          ?Tel: 905.851.1772

          Toll-free: 855.663.6632

          ?Fax: 905.851.9992



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          Admissions Inquiries

          We enrol students in grades 9-12 throughout the year. For more info or a tour, go to our Admissions section, or fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

          Thanks! Message sent.

          PWA: The Magazine

          We started a magazine! Read it right here (better in full screen):